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So, what does a Transitions Mentor do?


Hello All,

Here is a testimonial that shares the experiences of one of my clients. Francesca had been going through personal hell due to changes and difficulties at her work as her employers constantly changed her working situation. As it describes my working style, much better than I can, I thought I’d share it with you…

Testimonial for Benn

“I have known Benn for quite a few years now, and the recent journey undertaken with him as mentor was a new venture for us, and yet a confirmation of what I already knew about him.

It is going to be difficult to select what is relevant – Benn has wit, knowledge, emotional intelligence and empathy, and all of Benn’s being, life experience, values is shared when he becomes your mentor. Generosity is a key quality. And his generosity, in turn , is the offspring of Love – the driving force which I believe must have guided Benn towards choosing this role: what else can be the motivation for lending a hand to those in despair and helping them remove bleakness layer by layer, until the purity of one’s soul can shine again. And what better reason can there be for choosing a mentor, if not knowing that he loves you already; he will not be distracted and corrupted in his Love by the darkness that envelopes you: like a parent, he will keep his eye and his heart on the Good of your soul, and he will help you embrace your true self, and never let go.”

    Francesca 29 June 2011