Thoughts from Benn #1: The fear of Expression


I’ve spent most of my life being afraid to really share my thoughts and observations about (the workings of) life.

But, is this fear irrational and the very opposite of a natural and honest self-expression?

Please share your experiences and thoughts… have you felt like this or been confused as to whether your message is of value to others?




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  1. Hello,
    Somehow, I find myself expressing with great honesty my thoughts & feelings to people who I do not know, that people who I know very well. I find strangers to be more accepting, comforting & less judgemental. If that makes any sense.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Arpita… somewhere new on your travels 🙂

      I get what you mean about “sharing with strangers” there’s something about it, there are no preconceived ideas in place before, during or after sharing. With people we know well, there’s history and (what we think) we know about each other before we even start. And, that is why there can be an edited bias in how we share with those we’re close to and also why we can bond with strangers very quickly (because there isn’t).

      It’s this lack of pre-consultation relationship that I depend upon when working because by being an unknown, professional ear, I can hear what my patients need to say; I am their stranger… So, yes your comments makes a great deal of sense.

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      • That’s beautifully expressed. It is the preconceived ideas & whether I will be judged. That makes me skeptical about sharing with People I know 🙂

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