This Holocaust caused so much pain, cost so many lives and showed both the worst and sometimes, the best of humanity. A reminder of the times of change, of transitions (on so many levels) and of how temporary everything can be… is good. Even if it is disturbing, too…


I don’t really know how to describe my experience of Auschwitz. I think it was all that you would imagine it to be, but so much more real. I wasn’t reading about the gas chambers, I was standing in a room where hundreds of thousands of people were murdered. I saw children’s shoes, prosthetic legs deemed more valuable on the market than on those who needed them, and an infinite amount of hair still preserved, and chilling in its endurance.

It didn’t feel right taking hundreds of photos of Auschwitz, treating it like a tourist attraction, but the five photos I did take, I thought I would share with you. It was a horrible experience, but so much more horrible for those who had gone through it, and those who suffered its aftermath; and for those who realise this, it is also an invaluable experience.

“Those who do not remember history are…

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