So, who is Benn Abdy-Collins?

Benn is an individual who is keen to acknowledge his fellow human. He has experienced many changes in his own life and through his natural empathy, Benn understands just how big changes and complications can often destroy or control one’s life experience.

It is very common to feel stressed, anxious, fearful, lonely or driven by inner strains, pain and hurts in the modern world; Benn knows from personal experience just how this feels. He also, knows how liberating it can be to move from these stuck states, to a new awareness and a freedom of choice.

Listening to another and creatively working with their needs to enable their return to inner-power is a vocation Benn carries in his heart.

Background, Education and Experience:

Benn is a fully-qualified professional Medical Herbalist (1993), Vega (food intolerance) Tester (1994) and a qualified Cruse Bereavement Care volunteer (2008). Benn found that when he drove a non-emergency ambulance within the NHS for 5 years, he gained one of the best educations possible. He is also a very busy student of the University of Life.

Key events and Experiences in Benn’s life:

About changes

– Benn was born into a Naval family which meant moving to new addresses fairly frequently as a child; by the age of 40 he had lived at 36 different postal addresses and

– by the age of 29 Benn had attended 11 different schools and colleges.

About death and dying

Benn’s mum died when he was 40; he was there during her last hours, and as cancer claimed her life, he felt the last pulse of heart, closed her eyes and helped layout her body.

About people

Benn’s experience of working with people from all walks of life, with many different health conditions and illnesses, means he has had a very broad understanding about the trials that people go through or experience in their daily lives, their work and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. He says: “My colleagues and patients have been a constant source of education and inspiration. I’ve had the tremendous fortune of working with the terminally ill and for them to share their thoughts and experiences in life and the world with me.”

Benn’s interests include: creative writing, facilitating groups and seminars on well-being and understanding, writing poetry and creating computer-generated art.


Benn wrote the following poem during his mother’s dying and in preparation for dealing with her death; he read it at her funeral and the Celebration of her life.

In My Passing

I’m free now, relieved
Cherish my freedom and celebrate
My passing; allow my journey to
Continue without any extra weight.

Always remember, we have shared
Our lives, our times, together.
Not all times were easy
Nor our beliefs and choices the same,
When our souls were bared.

If ever I have left you
Feeling afraid and alone,
Forgive me. I ask.
Are we ever ready
For the living task?

Please do not grieve for me
For in my going, my suffering has gone.
With the pain and crying
Release from dying has come along.

I dance now in a better place;
May you dance now too and
Remember I love you;
Live and enjoy your unique grace.