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Unconventional Love


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Love has been hijacked. The way Love’s used in modern language reverberates around innuendo, material gains or sex. What is a deeply spiritual value, quality or feeling has become sullied in everyday use. Love’s honest, solid power is so diluted that it probably doesn’t even recognise its self in the mirror… Mention Love today that isn’t about what the media portrays, is to be unconventional.

How a child loves her favourite toy, the importance of a cherished set of clothes or a story or poem that makes us feel good, or moves us emotionally, is now side-lined, even considered irrelevant… What gives us that fuzzy warm feeling of enjoyment, what makes us feel happy is not enough to be Love…

And, anyone who says: “No! I value the beauty of Love for she holds power; Love is my nature and Love is a real language of the spirit, of the heart, of me…” is seen as unconventional. AND yet, they are real for they are honest enough to resist the downward slide that takes us (yet) further from our truth…

If the cost of being seen as conventional in the world costs us our eternal wonder, our truth, is it a price worth paying? Are you prepared to pay the price to fit and be deemed fit to the convention?

Love is the answer to so many issues. I say: “let us be unconventional for the conventional seems like Hell!” Anyone else choose to be unconventional?

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The Day My World Came Crashing Down [And How God Is Picking Up the Pieces]


Brook, I am very touched by how you’ve shared… Transitions are often sudden and destroy our faith in so many aspects of our lives and life experience. Thank you for sharing about your story, experience and how it has affected your life. It is your honesty that has had me re-blog your post.

Wide Open

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Today I hurt more than usual. No, it’s not because I’m sore from soccer (although my muscles have been screaming at me to stop moving ever since, oh, Thursday morning’s workout), and I didn’t stub my toe or bash my shin into the coffee table. No, today my pain isn’t radiating in a physical way so much as an ache deep in my soul. Today I hurt because it is the sixth month anniversary of the day my world was rocked to its very core.

August 16, 2013:

I remember the sunshine. The feel of the wind in my hair as I drove home from the dentist’s office with my windows down and my radio loud. I can still sense the excitement at the thought of my boyfriend coming over later that night and the nervous anticipation of leaving for my first year of college in the…

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Inspired and Passionate


Making any real difference in the world requires a power way beyond force; it requires the unleashing of a spirit outwards from within; and requires the development of a determined delivery to self and then the world about. There’s nothing like the effect of an idea, of someone or something that’s found their time to be expressed.

What inspires any new thought leader, any new entrepreneur, any budding “I want to achieve something meaningful” individual is both the stories of those who’ve come before and made a difference and the examples these characters have provided as a result. A whole industry is dedicated to serving the needs of explorers seeking to emulate them. Stories of how to do it, tactics, metaphors, parables et al. provide a huge library of reference materials and solutions which provide windows for people seeking ideas and an understanding of the mindset of those they consider successful.

I’m writing this because I’ve just read the inspiring story about Pukka Herbs’ founders. In their own words they tell of how their passion became clear, how their partnership formed and how they went for it. Today, they have a business ever on the increase and growing exponentially. All they’ve achieved came from a joint-venture, a determined vision and a marriage of personalities where synchronicity and synergy proved one plus one can certainly make a great deal more than two. And the bigger they get, the more they seem to develop; it’s as if their growth doesn’t drain them but energises them to achieve more and reach further…

It is a pleasure for me to write this as I do for Tim and Sebastian have shown that with the right idea, synergy, relationships and by placing the idea in the right time and place, the amazing can happen. You have proved great examples for what you’ve achieved and continue to do so.