How Benn Works

The connection between any thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, symptoms, illnesses and syndromes you experience, is you. Holistic practice is to seek a way to enable you to experience better well-being.

All of Benn’s talents, skills and experience work well together to enable you to achieve this; you get to choose which of them you’d prefer to work with, to gain your desired outcome.


When you decide you will work with Benn, the important aspect to all agreed activity is honesty and integrity. Benn will do all he can to help you in your process, he will respect your right to confidentiality and he works according to a strict code of professional and personal ethics.


The process of holistic health is about:

* acknowledging others as real people


* accepting others for how and what they are


* listening to others with regard


* awareness of others for where they are and in accordance with their needs


* consideration towards others for their need to be who they are, according to their views


* providing health supporting processes to encourage others’ well-being


* enabling others to be who and what they can be, in their life and, in the world.

It is because life can be very complex that Benn seeks the simplest methods to implement change that will holistically support your return to well-being. Choose the option to work with Benn and you will have a team-mate to support you through your changes.