Effectively deal with Health, Change and Transition in your life

Change, death and taxes are all certainties in life. The trick to dealing with these, and life’s (other) problems, with as much well-being as possible, is achieved when you:

* find effective information and advice that enables you to make informed choices

* select positive, resilient people to encourage and enable you to be authentic to who you are

* choose practical, caring, health professionals to support and challenge your decisions

…because you are a really valuable and remarkable human being. You have problems, you seek solutions and you deserve quality resources!

What people say about how Benn has helped them with…

Medical Herbalism

“When I first visited Benn, I had been suffering with warts on my hands for approx. 5 years; I must have had about 10 – 12. One month before I saw Benn a skin specialist said there was nothing I could do. If I am honest, it was desperation more than anything that made me give Benn a call. The initial consultation was quite different to what I expected. Rather than just concentrating on my warts, Benn discussed my overall health & lifestyle, looking to tackle the cause of the warts rather than just the symptoms. Following this, Benn provided me with a paint to apply to my warts, medicine to take, and supplements from the health food shop. Benn went through the contents of the medicine so I was comfortable with what I was taking. This initial course lasted 3 weeks & I could see a marked improvement by the end of this. Benn gave me a further 4 week course, and as I write, I am toward the end of a final 4 week course; all but 2 warts have totally disappeared & those 2 are gradually going away.As well as curing my warts, as a result of my conversations with Benn I have gradually made changes to my lifestyle which are undoubtedly benefiting my overall health. If anybody reading this had doubts about whether to try an alternative to “conventional” medicine I would urge them to do it. However, you must be prepared to go there with an open mind and be prepared to honestly discuss your health & lifestyle and then take the medicine/supplements as prescribed. I did and I am delighted with the success of the treatment.”

– Chris Oatten, Insurance Manager

“Benn had a consultation with me to find out how bad my repetitive stress injury was. Having been to the GP and had a prescription that didn’t work I was mildly doubtful that anything would really make a difference. After a longish conversation with Benn he gave me some advice about foods to avoid and foods that would help and then sent me a bottle of ‘glop’ and some capsules with instructions on what to take, when and how often. I had a repeat ‘issue’ of these magical potions and, well before I finished that, my RSI had virtually disappeared. I’m very impressed. All I can say is that herbalism works! Thanks Benn.”

Lesley Morrissey, Company Communications, Readability Expert, Copywriter

VEGA Testing

“This is Caz, Sam Ashford’s mum. We came to you over two years ago now at Windsor. This is just an update for you, Sammie is fantastic! She has just completed her equestrian course at college, is now training in Floristry to come into our business, and concentrating on her Dressage competing! She is a very very busy girl. This I am sure would not have been possible if we had not come to see you, the transformation was amazing in just a few days. She still keeps to her diet, but cheats an awful lot now! As soon as she eats too much food which doesn’t agree with her, she begins to feel “strange” and stops. It is her way of still eating some of her favourite foods.”

– Sam Ashford, Equestrian & Florist

“I had to contact you to thank you for the positive changes I have experienced since visiting you a short while ago. The allergy testing identified a couple of food types that I should be avoiding, and hey presto, since I have excluded them from my diet, my general feeling of well-being has really improved! I also wanted to thank you for the time and interest you took in my particular case. My best wishes and thanks to you again.”

– Charmian Licsauer, Businesswoman

Transitions Mentoring

“I have benefited a lot from the help provided by Benn Abdy-Collins as Transitions Mentor. The format of the sessions offers both personal reflective time and conversational support in a well balanced manner. It allowed me to look at a situation from a perspective that I hadn’t considered before and this constituted the starting point for a real movement forward in my life. I felt stuck in my self development and now, I experience a renewed sense of flow and positivity. I would recommend this approach to anyone in need of a shift in their life.”

– Michele M. (Physiotherapist)

“I know Benn in his professional capacity as a Transitions Mentor.

He supported and helped me during a time of great personal distress and grief. This grief meant my emotions were impaired and my focus was one of sadness and pain. Benn supported me face to face, by telephone and email. He was caring and supportive and helped me regain my sense of dignity and purpose. In the words of the Buddhist masters he reminded me “this too shall pass”. The difference this has made is beyond measure, because I was able to help myself (with Benn’s wisdom and guidance), to know and heal myself.

My recommendation to anyone who needs support and wisdom in their personal lives and in order to keep on track professionally, talk to Benn.”

The Reverend Noel Lockyer-Stevens